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Blow molding machine manufacturers continue to innovate and develop

In the context of changes in market demand and macroeconomic environment are changing, blow molding machine manufacturers continue to innovate into a new stage of development, the production of more suitable market demand for products.

Currently on the market popular packaging mainly in plastic, paper-based, plastic blown film machine-based blow molding industry in the market a larger proportion, but then follow the requirements of the paper industry increasingly stringent, environmental protection and energy efficiency of the new index Forward the door of the paper industry, constitute the paper packaging market cost expansion, the price drop. This makes the plastic packaging in the market share of the increase in response to stimulate the blown film machine production machinery industry, while environmental protection and energy saving technology in the blown film machine industry attention.


With the green energy-saving concept more and more popular, the market a lot of high consumption, low efficiency and other mechanical products gradually eliminated, manufacturers are to keep up with the program, towards energy-saving emission reduction, plastic blown film machine manufacturing industry application of high-tech , To produce a new blown film machine conform to the diverse needs of the market.

In order to meet the needs of social products and environmental needs, blow molding machine will continue to introduce the younger generation of skills, mediate the current model, to promote the plastic industry to the high-end forward. Modified plastic manufacturers produced a new film blowing machine film blowing machine, PE foam film blown film machine, multi-layer composite blown film modified plastic machine, color film blown film machine, heat shrink film blown film machine, etc., To meet the variety of products on the market packaging, high-end blown film quality to win the favor of high-end goods packaging.