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Blow Molding Machine general safety principles

Blow Molding Machine General safety principles

  • Operators should be experienced and qualified persons.
  • For maintenance or repair, you can contact our company or local offices for maintainers or you can invite experienced experts to maintain or repair the machine.
  • Persons who are not trained or certificated are prohibited to operate the machine.
  • Before operating the machine, education regarding the correct operation, maintenance and check of the machine should be provided to the operators.
  • If needed, the material safety data sheet should be retrieved from the material providers. Please follow the instruction of the providers.
  • When placing the machine, please make sure that there is safety distance between machine and machine, machine and wall. Please pay attention to the safety regarding electricity and water (including: cable specifications, fuse capacity, grounding, hydraulic pressure, water inlet and outlet setting, etc.).
  • Make sure there is no damage, missing of warning plates on the machine. If the plates are damaged or missing, please replace or complement them. Check the equipment regularly.
  • Please clean up the water, oil, resin leaking out of the machine or its base to avoid slipping incidents.
  • Please make sure the passage or area around the machine is clean and there are no sundries in order to avoid stumbling accidents.
  • Warn him when he is doing something dangerous.
  • Tools, after being used, should be put back to where they should be put. Don’t leave them on the machine.
  • Report any incident.
  • Shortcut emergency treatment.