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Bestar Blow Molding Machine-SK lubricants

Bestar Blow Molding Machine-SK lubricants:Engine is the heart of the car that provide a steady stream of power for the car. So the oil is the car’s “blood.”. The majority of owners know that the oil is often replaced .Almost every time to maintain the maintenance. So frequent replacement, you can see it is a consumable goods, but also an important thing!
Engine operation will encounter a lot of harsh conditions, such as air, low temperature, moisture, wear, burning carbon, mechanical tension, high temperature and so on. These all need the oil to help.

Blow Molding Machine

The main role of oil roughly these points: lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning, rust and other effects. So this requires a good container to ensure the quality of lubricants, SUZHOU BESTAR BLOW MOLDING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is specialized in the product of automatic high-speed high-yield blow molding equipment. Bottle quality is stable and reliable. Has won the customer’s trust.At present ,BESTAR has provided 12 blow molding machine for the SK:
Blow Molding Machine Model: B15D-560
Extruder: E70 + E40 + E30 + E20
Die head: 3M5L-2H-V-CD200, 2 cavity 5 layer, with view stripe, center distance is200mm, double station
Blow Molding Equipment Description: 2.5~ 4L five-layer barrier bottle, with viewstripe
Product weight: 4L 200g
Cycle time: 22.5S * 2
Production: 320 / hour 2,304,000 / year