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Bestar Blow Molding Machine–Pneumatic System

The pneumatic system of high-end blow molding machine manufacturer SUZHOU BESTAR BLOW MOLDING MACHINERY CO.,LTD has two main functions:
1. To provide high pressure on the product blowing expansion molding.
2. To provide high-pressure to drive other pneumatic components to do some actions such as cutter, other special needs such as playing flash.


The pneumatic systems in blow molding systems is becoming more and more important. For example, in the domestic sales of the blow molding machine .Almost all the machine are not equipped with deflashing device because of the low labor costs. As the scraps can be removed by manual. But now the domestic labor costs rise.So the customer will increase the degree of automation of the machine, such as install the deflashing device, leak tester,in-mould labeling machine, which must provide high pressure pneumatic system.
Due to the increasing use of high-pressure air , the air flow sometimes can’t meet the requirements .It’s better to set gas supply for the deflashing device alone .When use pneumatic to deflash the scraps, the speed of the cylinder must be put up .Because the scraps will cut down by the fast speed of the air cylinder.If lack pressure, the cylinder speed can not get up, the scraps will not be cut down.
At present, all range BESTAR blow molding machine are equipped with deflashing device as well as leak tester ,in-mould labeler,auto-loader,crusher,conveyor belt ,chiller and so on. Almost fully achieve automation.