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The Basic Working Principle of Blow Molding Machine

Blow molding machine will be sprayed out of liquid plastic, the use of the wind blowing machine, blowing the plastic body to a certain shape of the cavity, which made the product. Plastic in the screw extruder is melted and quantitative extrusion, and then through the mouth membrane molding, and then the wind ring hair cool, and then have a traction machine at a certain speed traction, winding machine winding it into a roll.
Rotary bottle blowing machine common problem solving method
Rotary Blow Molding Machine with high speed, stability, replacement parts quickly and easily, and other advantages, welcomed by the manufacturers of the customers, the market share soared. Below, we list some common failures and handling methods of rotary blow molding machines.
One problem: high-pressure solenoid valve can not be effectively closed and produce high-pressure gas leak. The reason is that high-pressure solenoid valve stuck inside the foreign body, most of the plastic fragments. This need to open the seal in the high-pressure solenoid valve to clean, restore the installation can be used normally.
Question two: bottle out bottle. The reason is that the finger out of the bottle automatically open or pinch the bottle, you need to replace the nylon block inside the fingers.
Question three: double blanks when the billet. The reason is to blanch the track and take blank blanks clearance is too large, adjust the gap to the right.
Question four: stretch seal upper and lower limit alarm. There are three reasons: low pressure gas pressure is not enough; two five-way solenoid valve insensitive; relay damage. Solution: 1, to ensure that the low-pressure gas is 0.6-0.8MP; 2, replace the solenoid valve and check and clean (replacement) low-pressure air filter; 3, replace the relay (temporarily available in the control box other idle relay instead).
Question five: accompanying the fixture when the mold is open from the bracket. The reason is that the bracket deviates from the center of the mold, causing the mold holder to collide with the fixture, so long as the position of the bracket is adjusted.
Question six: preform on the blank when not on the fixture. The reason is the clamp heart and the mouth center is not concentric. Solution: 1, if the dial is not aligned with the eight jaws, adjust the dial position; 2, if individual fixtures and dial gap is not aligned, then check the guide shaft bending, if any, you need to change guide axis.
Question seven: the yield dropped significantly. The reason is heating lamp is damaged; heating lamp switch tripping; exhaust motor or blower motor trip. Solution: 1, replace the damaged heating lamp; 2, check the corresponding switch in the electric control box, close the trip switch, such as frequent tripping, find the electrician to solve.

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