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B25S-900 Blow molding equipment remote flash technology

It is used in the manufacture for 30 liters bottle as a large Blow molding equipment, customer requirements can be configured for single station, also with remote flash technology is one of the great advantages of the powerful functions, in addition, in order to adapt to each customer for the quantity and variety of different B25S-900 can be configured extrusion make more efficient technology, multilayer extrusion blowing machine. The screw machining performance due to the designing of stable, dealing with all kinds of material with ease, cooling mode adopts water cooling, avoid high temperature. The hydraulic system adopts servo pump, has stable operation, accurate.

Blow molding equipment
The extrusion die head design system, it is based on accurate, multilayer coextrusion die head adopts unique heart-shaped channel, including all types of die head can increase the level of design, extrusion volume is prolific, the weight of the product is stable, which is to ensure uniform plasticizing. Die headsystem equipped with advanced gear box, running smoothly, which is long and durable, die in each channel is reasonable distributed, the flow can be adjusted, parison wall thickness is evenly produced, color change can be more quickly and easily.
The machine clamping force has a solid structure, so that the mold is uniform, so that the production of finished products in perfection, and it will not cause the mold damage.
Finally, a series of optional accessories, to meet the needs of customers, such as product configuration manipulator, servo motor drive, layout reasonable and effective to reduce labor costs, automatic edging, inner mold labeling, etc., can meet a variety of customer requirements.This machine is suitable for all kinds of large-scale chemical barrels, stacking barrels, pesticide barrels, barrels and so on, our company has independent design technical team, for each customer equipment to reach their standards.