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B25D-900 Stacking Barrel Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

B25D-900 Stacking Barrel Extrusion Blow Molding Machine is made for stacking barrels, specially used for stacking 25 to 30 liters barrel making size. This machine is equipped with double, multi-layerextrusion technology, the output can be customized by the manufacturer customers, to meet customer needs.
Stacking barrels as a large barrel type, wall thickness of bottle and stability of the machine are very important requirements, this is our B25D-900 machine in the production process to ensure the quality of the bottle. The machine adopts automatic bottle blowing technology, has repeatedly offer to domestic machine manufacturers. The machine can use of PE PP, EVOH, HDPE, PVC and other plastic blow molding products, the production capacity can reach up to 2700/ days.
B25D-900 Stacking Barrel Extrusion Blow Molding Machine sparepart are from foreign country mainly, our company has a strong technical team, our engineering team from Germany Kautex technology, and Germany Kautex models similar to custom high-end customer exists, we can according to customer needs in order, we also provide 24 hours service for customer service. Debugging services.

B25D-900 Stacking Barrel Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
The extrusion die head design system, it is based on accurate, multilayer coextrusion die head adopts unique heart-shaped channel, including all types of die head can increase the level of design, extrusion volume is prolific, the weight of the product is stable, which is to ensure uniform plasticizing. Die headsystem equipped with advanced gear box, running smoothly, which is long and durable, die in each channel is reasonable distributed, the flow can be adjusted, parison wall thickness is evenly produced, color change can be more quickly and easily.
B25D-900 Stacking Barrel Extrusion Blow Molding Machine clamping force has a solid structure, so that the mold is uniform, so that the production of finished products in perfection, and it will not cause the mold damage.
Finally, a series of optional accessories, to meet the needs of customers, such as product configuration manipulator, servo motor drive, layout reasonable and effective to reduce labor costs, automatic edging, die coextrusion mold labeling, etc., can meet a variety of customer requirements.
This machine is suitable for all kinds of large-scale chemical barrels, stacking barrels, pesticide barrels, barrels and so on, our company has independent design technical team, for each customer equipment to reach their standards.