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Automatic plastic bottle blowing machine troubleshooting also need to know more, more practice

Any equipment malfunction, automatic plastic bottle blowing machine, too, only when we truly understand a product, can easily cope in equipment failure, professional advice to learn about what time, can discharge fault automatic plastic bottle blowing machine.
A, dare to start work, is good at beginning
For equipment maintenance personnel, for the product data must be familiar with, should have the courage to begin to practice, can speak, don’t begin, repair bad mechanical equipment, but to practice again, don’t blindly, otherwise it will enlarge the fault, cause an accident, consequence is unimaginable. At the same time we also good at begin, first of all got to be familiar with the equipment operation panel and the contents of each menu, operate freely, but also make full use of bottle blowing machines since the diagnostic technology to quickly solve the fault. Now the development of the bottle blowing machine, self-diagnosis ability stronger and stronger.


bottle blowing machine

bottle blowing machine

Second, the beginning ability and master experiment skills
Sometimes some larger equipment failure looks very fuzzy, can’t find the reason, is can’t distinguish electrical fault or mechanical fault, we used the method separately, the part of the electrical control which is completely separated from the primary circuit and there are many other methods, such as isolation method, displacement method, comparative method, tapping method, etc, can be as an effective approach to help us to find, and troubleshooting.
Third, learn to use
Large equipment generally is composed by a variety of equipment, such as oscillograph, multimeter, on-line detector circuit, short circuit tester, such as computers, programmer can help our judgment of the concrete circuit, check, especially the PLC programmer, computer, be familiar with, free to input and output bottle blowing machine parameters, about ?