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Automatic bottle blowing machine to help beverage packaging

As we learn more about beverages in our daily lives, I would like to analyze the packaging aspects of beverages as follows:

1, mineral water packaging, the main 3-4.5L pot water bottle blow molding, mineral water packaging requirements from the outside of the packaging materials and the invasion, pollution, odor, can not reduce its inherent flavor. At the same time, the cost of packaging containers is low, to meet the needs of people in general consumption. In addition to the use of packaging glass packaging, in recent years the use of polyethylene bottles and high density polyethylene containers (5 ~ 10kg) packaging, and small plastic packaging (250g a 350g), the army is a small plastic bag.

2. Bottle packaging, Xingbei automatic blowing machine, providing top-to-top yogurt bottle blowing machine and bottle blowing machine.