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Automatic bottle blowing machine power drinks packaging

Due to the understanding of beverages in our daily life, so I’d like to drink packing and do the following analysis:Automatic bottle blowing machine1, mineral water packaging, mainly 3-4.5 L jug of water bottle blowing molding, and mineral water packaging requirements from personal foul odor pollution, packaging materials and the outside world cannot detract from its inherent fragrance. At the same time, the cost of packaging container is low, can meet the requirement of mass consumption. Besides using packing bottle, one after another in recent years with polyoxyethylene bottle and high density polyethylene containers (5 a 10 kg) per barrel packaging, as well as small packaging plastic bottles (250 g to 350 g), the army is adopted in small packaging bags.

2. The milk bottle packaging, star bell automatic bottle blowing machine, provides the crown on top of yogurt bottle blowing machine and pure milk bottle blowing machine.