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After-sales Service of Bestar Blow Molding Machine Manufacturer

For a person who wants to invest in a plastic bottle factory,Buying a Blow Molding Machine with high cost performance, stable quality and timely service is an urgent task.
However ,there are so many different kinds of blow molding machine with different quality.They don’t even have perfect after-sales service .All these make people difficult to select a suitable blow moulding machine.So choose a factory with economic price and good after-sales service system becomes more and more important.
Suzhou Bestar Blow Molding Machinery CO.,LTD is building and perfecting its after-sales service system. Including application consultation, sales to maintenance, our commitment is 24-hour response and 7 days of continue technical service support as well as one year’s quality guarantee.


Foreign blow molding equipment companies have been the leader of the blow molding industry. With the development for 30 years, domestic blow molding equipment have had great progress, Bester blow molding machine manufacturing level is comparable with foreign machine, so it need a higher demand on after-sales service. After Bestar selling machine, it is also responsible for the installing and training , which can follow up the repair of the bottle blowing machine in time. All these require the bottle machine enterprise to have perfect after – sale system.
For example,When the machine arrived the Mexico customer’s factory .Bestar send professional person immediately to their factory to help them install and debug machine as well as the training for their engineer.And then came back after they can operate themselves.Bestar had given them continue technical support in the following follow up service and got good praise from our customer.