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60liters-5000liters Hollow Blow Molding Machine

1.The plasticizing capacity is depending on material ,screw, parison die head and die gap, based on a mixture of approx. 70% virgin material and approx. 30% regrind from a 6 mm grinder screen

2.Extrusion unit(extruder and accumulator head) can be flexibly selected according to demand and has wide range of raw material adaptability, such as HmwHDPE571/1158/4261 and ABS etc.

3.Available in single, double (50%+50%) and triple (25%+50%+25%) layers solutions on request

4.A new generation BRD extruder with L/D=38 with double mixer and barrier screw and spiral groove feeding zone, which can ensure 100% plasticitation before going into die head, plasticizing capacity increased by at least 30%


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