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50ml Extrusion Blow Molding Machine

For a country that always wants to be more perfect, this is a very logical thing – A few days ago, France became the first country in the world to pass a ban on disposable plastic cutlery countries – plastic knives ,fork, cups, lunch boxes, straws, tablecloths, etc. all in the ban list.
According to the relevant provisions of the Energy Transformation Act, this ban will come into effect in 2020. In addition, according to the bill, France has now banned the use of plastic bags. Under the bill, disposable cutlery at least 50% of the ingredients are from the compostable bio-fermentation raw materials. The ban is also based on the spirit of the 2015 global climate agreement in Paris.
Plastic production will use fossil fuels, which have proven enough to play a bad role in climate change. Plastic products can not be degraded, but also pollute the sea and waterways, directly endanger the wild animals and plants living there.
50ml Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Plastic products are widely used in human society, and scientists estimate that by 2050 the sea will have more plastic than fish.
So many plastic,on one hand cause pollution, on the other hand also cause a waste of resources, SUZHOU BESTAR BLOW MOLDING MACHINERY CO.,LTD is a high-end blow molding machine manufacturer, unique heart curve flow channel design, In the middle layer can use recycled plastic, the appearance of the bottle can be done and 100% of the new material, both to ensure the product appearance and quality, but also greatly reduces the waste of resources, BESTAR this move can be described as two birds with one stone
Bestar blow moulding machinery company is specialized in producing high-speed,high-efficient multi layer multi cavitites extrusion blow moulding machine,50ml extrusion blow molding machine.
The Bestar 50ml extrusion blow molding machine module is the core components of plastic molting part which adopts the German technology.Different models type is available according to customers’requirements,such as E60/25, E70/25, E80/25 etc.The extruders has improved output with grooved feed section and forced cooling method;Barrel with ceramic heating ring with strong fan for cooling,thus ensuring the effective control of the temperature of each segment;The hardened gear box ensures long service life;the entire extrusion machine components are installed on the supporting platform,which is adjustable in order to suit for different die heads.